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Q: It looks like rain. Do we still play?
A: See Weather Policy

Q: When do games start?
A: Fall games begin in September.  We play for 6 weeks, depending on age division and weather. Game schedules will be distributed by the coaches and/or team parents and posted on our website. Your child is registered to play both Fall and the following Spring! He/she will play on the same team, with the same coach, for both seasons.

Q: Can I request that my child play with certain friends or with a particular coach?
A: Yes and No. If your child is a first time player you may request to be on a team with another player in the same age group.

The only other sure way to get children on the same team is if you are the either the head or assistant coach.

Q: What will my child receive?
A: Your child will receive a kit (jersey, shorts and matching socks).

Q: What other items do I need or expenses can I expect?
A: Not included in the registration fees are the required shin guards, appropriate cleats, and a practice soccer ball.

Q: Do I have to get soccer shoes for my child to play?
A: Soccer shoes are not mandatory but are highly recommended (regular athletic shoes with no cleats are the alternative). When buying soccer shoes, they cannot have a toe cleat (baseball shoes have a toe cleat). Generally speaking, nearly all players at all age levels use soccer shoes for practices and games. 

Q: What size soccer ball should I get for my child?
A: U6 through U8 use a Size 3 ball. 
U10 and U12 use a Size 4 ball. 
U14 and above use a Size 5 ball. 

Q: I'm willing to coach, but not sure I'm qualified. Do you provide any training?
A: YES! Grandville AYSO provides training to coaches of all age levels, and all levels of coaching experience. This training is free to AYSO coaches! Training information will be made available through emails, mailers or through the internet.

Q: What age does my child have to be to play?
A: Basically, between the ages of 4 and 13.

Q: My child does not meet the minimum age range for the AYSO Fall season, but he/she is very [big/strong/athletic/coordinated] for his/her age. Can we still sign up for the upcoming Fall season?
A: Unfortunately no. AYSO is a national organization with very strict guidelines regarding age requirements. AYSO’s accident and liability insurance depends on the players being the proper age to play and being placed in their age appropriate divisions. Children who do not meet the age requirement are not permitted to play. 

Q: What should my child take to practices and games?
A: Shin guards (required), soccer shoes, a soccer ball, kit/uniform (games only) and water. 

Q: Why are the children required to wear their soccer socks over their shin guards?
A: Safety is the primary reason. Some types of shin guards are hard shell instead of soft, and may have sharp edges that could cut a player. By wearing their socks over the shin guards, players protect each other. Also, wearing the socks over the shin guards prevent the shin guards from shifting during running or when being kicked, which allow the shin guards to protect the areas they are supposed to. 

Q: Is it OK for players to wear jewelry during practice and game?
A: No. Jewelry of any kind (necklaces, watches, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.) cannot be worn during practice or games.There is an exception for Med-Alert bracelets, but they must be completely covered with tape or a soft cloth band for the safety of your child and all the other players. 

Q: What kinds of hair accessories are acceptable?
A: Any hair accessories should not be made of metal or plastic, and should not be rigid. Soft hair accessories such as "scrunchies" and soft rubber bands are recommended and acceptable. 

Q: It can be cold during the early morning Fall season games. Can my child wear a sweatshirt during the games?
A: Any extra articles of clothing must be worn under the uniform (so you can still determine which team a player is associated with). It is recommended that any extra articles of clothing be limited to undershirts or turtle necks (under the uniform). Try to coordinate with your team’s colors if possible. 

Q: When is the last day I can withdraw my child to get a full refund?
A:  Please see our Refund Policy

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